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FRS – Multimedia Database

FRS multimedia databases can store, manage and publish almost any type and quantity of multimedia data, including movies, images, brochures, or office documents.

The FRS image editorial and archiving solutions made by BSL Computer Consultancy have now been used for almost ten years by Dutch newspaper publishers, PCM Uitgevers. Other customers include the NIOD which stores more than 100.000 photos from World War II in a publicly accessible FRS system.

The FRS system uses:

  • Oracle or Sybase as database
  • Verity for the full text indexing
  • Cross platform client applications
  • Fully automated input and output stations
  • EXIF, IPTC extraction and indexing
  • Non destructive image editing
  • Web based interface

Other Projects By Marc Worrell – Keyword verity, sybase, oracle, multimedia, frs, bsl – Saturday, October 11, 2008