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Verso Wiki: translate Wiki markup to HTML and HTML to Wiki markup

Click to download: VersoWiki 1.2.0 46.2 KB

Verso Wiki is a Wiki to HTML and HTML to Wiki markup translator. We use this Wiki translator in the information management system anyMeta.

Features are:

  • Translates Wiki to XHTML
  • Translates the generated XHTML back to Wiki
  • Has an intermediate XHTML format for editing purposes
  • Enables using Wiki for markup, but storing HTML in your database
  • Postprocesses the intermediate XHTML to fill in dynamic page and image references
  • Written in PHP (for easy portability)
  • Fast (when compared with other PHP solutions)

We license the Verso Wiki markup translator under the GPL version 2.


We made this Wiki translator because we needed an easy way to edit markup, without people learning HTML. On the other hand we also needed a fast translation of the Wiki to HTML.

We made it fast by storing all text in HTML and introduce a HTML to Wiki translator for editing the text. In this way we can serve the HTML directly from the database. Only a small part of the HTML is so dynamic that it is generated on runtime (ie. when displaying the page). Examples of dynamic parts are references to other pages and images.

Which Wiki markup rules are supported?

Originally we used the excellent PEAR Text_Wiki package by Paul M. Jones. Because we had some databases with existing Wiki markup, we made our Wiki compatible with Paul's Wiki.

See wiki.ciaweb.net/yawiki/index.php?area=Text_Wiki for more information and markup rule documentation.

Files in Verso Wiki

The archive verso_wiki-1.2.0.tar.gz contains the following files:


Translate Wiki markup to HTML, almost ready for display.


Translate HTML (generated by any_wiki_tohtml) back to Wiki.


Fill in dynamic parts of the by any_wiki_tohtml generated HTML.
This is done just prior to using the text in a web page.


Used for tokenizing the Wiki markup.


XML parser for the XHTML to Wiki translator


Some routines that are called by the any_wiki routines.
You will need to fill these in with your own database or model access methods.


An example of how you can use the VersoWiki routines.


The license of VersoWiki. In short the GPL version 2.


Basically the same as this story :-)


anyMeta VersoWiki is licensed under the GPL version 2 www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl2.txt

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